ગેલ માતાજી મંદિર નજીક, ચિત્તિયા કુવા રોડ, ભગવાનપારા, જસદણ - 360050


123 456 789


Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Solanki Balu

I am writing this in regards to my nephew (Chhatrodiya Jay)'s school and this is a small thankful letter to a wonderful team of ALFA JAWAHAR NAVODAYA AND BALACHADI TUITION CLASS —RAJKOT. I feel proud to say that, we found all these qualities in this school, where they are not only teaching from books but they also teach something extraordinary like, how to behave and communicate with family, friends and with others. So, I proud to say that, this is the best school ever I heard and experience in my life and I am also going to admit my another nephew from next year. I would like to thanks each and every member of this school who is working hard to make our children great.