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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Rules & Instructions

Rules of Institute

  • Institute has not given a guarantee to pass in the entrance examination of j.n.v & sainik school balachadi.
  • This Institute is mainly focused 90% on balachadi sainik school and jawahar navodaya examination and 10% of school subjects.
  • Parents are not permitted to take children at home without permission.
  • Please take your fee receipt. a conflict of any kind will not allowed after.
  • Boys as well as girl's hair to be kept short and military cut.
  • At the current session the child can be applied to any disease or natural accident their parents would be responsible for their child. Institute may send the child home in unfinished session if students and parents will fail to follow the rules.
  • Institute or founder of institute is not responsible for any accident during the vacation.
  • Along with studies we work for overall development of students by giving them moral and physical education
  • Prompt solution to each and every problems arsing among the students
  • Best return for the investment that you have made
  • Best result oriented institute for Navoday and Balachadi aspirants

Rules of Meeting

  • Whenever you come to meet your child, the file is must be taken with you which is given by institute.
  • When you come to meet your child, you can not take child to any place.
  • You have to meet your child in office only. you are not allowed to give any kind of snacks.
  • For std 4 & 5 you can meet them only 1 time in a year.
  • After admiting your child in hostel,you can meet your child the after 60 day (2 month)
  • You have to meet your child on particular day which is given from office.
  • You have to meet your child for 10 minutes only.

Rules of Calling

  • Calling to your child on that date which is given from office.
  • Calling to your child after 45 days on sunday from when your child is entered in the hostel.
  • In whole year calling is allowed only 1 time with your child.
  • Talking with your child only 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Time for calling 2:00pm to 5:00pm only on sunday. on other time is not allowed for calling. points to be noted.
  • Please to communicate with your child in a manner which full fill with consolation and encouragement therefore we get improve more confidence and enthusiasm in child.
  • If rules are breaked from parents side, admission will be cancelled their child.
  • Rules are made for students to become them honest, disciplined and humble.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to understand the logic behind each of the rules and co-operate with ALFA-2 JAWAHAR NAVODAYA TUITION CLASS-RAJKOT